Pat Sloan’s Mega Fun Book Tour

November 21, 2016

Pat’s Mega Fun Book Tour is here!  Pat is releasing a new book, Teach me to Machine Quilt, and she’s having a virtual party with 40 of her sewing friends, and you’re invited! You can click on her blog post to enter to win a copy for yourself today.

Winter Bliss is one of the adorable patterns included in Teach Me to Machine Quilt

Winter Bliss is one of the adorable patterns included in Teach Me to Machine Quilt

In this third book of her beginner-friendly “Teach Me” series, Pat guides you step by step through walking-foot and free-motion quilting techniques. First-time quilters will be confidently quilting in no time, and experienced stitchers will discover the joy of finishing their quilts themselves. The book also includes Pat’s signature patterns, with beautifully laid out instructions.


Checkerboard Hearts from Teach Me to Machine Quilt by Pat Sloan



One of my favorite parts of Pat’s new book is the incredibly clear pictures of common tension problems, and the simple, reliable ways to correct them.




The other two books from this series you definitely need to add to your shelf are, Teach Me to Sew Triangles, and Teach me to Applique.

Whether you haven’t gotten a chance to know Pat yet, or if you’ve followed her for awhile, you’ll enjoy following along on this book tour, learning tips, and peeking into Pat’s life a bit to find out all the reasons she is so beloved in this world of quilting.

Last year, when I had the idea for designing a planner just for quilters, filled with organizational tools and quilt patterns, I reached out to Pat.  It was the equivalent of a cold call– a shot in the dark.  I asked Pat if she would consider contributing a pattern to last year’s Quilter’s Planner.  I’ll be honest, I was terrified to even ask; I know that Pat is incredibly busy.  She is the host of American Patchwork and Quilting’s Podcast, she has a huge, active Facebook group, she travels and teaches all around the country, and she has written 33 books!  She gave the opening speech at Quilt Market, for goodness sake. This lady was out of my league!

But I had just made a decision to make a change in my life.  I had decided to actively seek rejection every day, and let go of the fear of failure.

It made no sense for Pat to agree to work with me on last year’s Quilter’s Planner.  I was  a newbie in the professional quilting world.  But you know what?

She said yes.


Dresden Candy Dish pattern, from Teach Me to Machine Quilt

For whatever reason, Pat gave me a chance.  I am eternally grateful. And this is one of the many reasons she is so loved. She is generous with her time, her experience and her support of quilters everywhere. These qualities and the way she lives her life is what makes her such a success in this industry.  It’s the reason I love following her and learning from her.

I have loved learning more about Pat over the last year.  I asked her a question for this post, that I think reveals a lot about who she is.

Meet Pat Sloan

What kind of music do you like, and do you listen to anything while you quilt?

“If I listen to anything I like jazz with no words.. or anything with no words.. but I usually don’t have any music on.. I”m an odd ball!”

I told Pat that I agree, the peace and quiet afforded by our quilting rooms is highly underrated.

Nothing is better than focusing on the sound of our whirring machines, and focusing on one small stitch at a time.  It’s just like meditation.

To get to know Pat better, and see more tidbits from her new book, check out the following posts from the amazing quilters and bloggers below.


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