Longarm Services

Longarm Quilting
At Light Night Quilter, we specialize in all-over, free-motion, edge-to-edge designs on my vintage Nolting. We also offer pantograph designs and custom work as well.

We accept quilts by mail or in person in Lakeway, Texas.

If you live in the Austin area, please email us at latenightquilter@gmail.com to arrange for an appointment.

Click here for the Customer Intake Form. Please print it out and include it with your quilt top.

If you would like to mail your quilt top and backing to us, our mailing address is:

Late Night Quilter
900 RR 620 South
Suite C 101-124
Austin, TX 78734


Rates for quilting are calculated by the square inch. To determine the cost of quilting, identify the design you are interested in the gallery and its estimated price, (or chat with me over the phone if there’s a design you’d like that doesn’t yet appear in the gallery). Multiply this price per square inch by the length and width of your quilt.

For example:
36″ x 36″ = 1,296 sq. inches
1,296 sq inches x .025/per inch = $32.40

Please note that due to the time it takes to load a quilt onto the frame, there is a $50 minimum charge.

General Pricing
Simple designs, all-overs or edge-to-edge – $.025 to $0.03 / square inch

Light custom work (such as quilts with borders and edge to edge, some ruler work) – $.035 to $0.04 / square inch

Complex designs, including extensive stitch in the ditch, two or more patterns and gridwork –
$.040 and up/ square inch

For examples of quilt designs and more specific pricing, please see my Gallery.

Binding Services:

Priced per linear square inch (add up the length of all 4 sides of your quilt and multiply by the amount below).

(length of quilt x 2) + (width of quilt x 2) x cost per linear square inch = Total Cost of Binding Service

To Make a Traditional Binding you will Attach Yourself:  .10

To Make and Attach Binding by Machine to the Back of your Quilt: .20

To Sew a Foldover Binding using Excess Backing Fabric: .25

To Make and Attach a Traditional 3/8″ Finished Binding by Hand with a Blind Stitch: .40

Preparing A Quilt for Longarming

Thank you for entrusting us with your quilt!  If you could please follow these instructions in preparing your quilt, we would greatly appreciate it.

  • Do not baste or pin your quilt (other than pinning this form to the top with your information).
  • Please make sure that your backing fabric is a minimum of 4 inches larger on ALL SIDES (6 inches larger if you would like ruler work done on your quilt)!  If your back is not big enough, we can add fabric to the borders of your backing for an extra fee.Lay the backing out on the floor before you send it, lay your quilt top on top of your backing fabric, and make sure there are 4 to 6 inches of backing fabric showing around all 4 sides of the quilt.
  • The batting needs to be 4 to 6 inches bigger than your top around all sides too.  You can provide your own, or we can provide Quilter’s Dream Deluxe batting at $10.00 per yard.
  • Trim loose threads from the back of your top and the back of your backing fabric.  I can do this for you for an extra fee of $10.
  • Make all 4 sides of your backing straight, and all your corners right angles. Try not to do beautiful piecing on your back around the edges… you might eventually cut it away after it’s been quilted.  If you’re going to add blocks to make a pretty back, do it toward the middle of the backing, so there is no danger of it being cut away.
  • Sometimes, when you piece your backing, one side ends up longer than the other.  This is called a shark fin and it needs to be trimmed off before we can attach the quilt to the longarm frame. Please trim this before sending it to avoid additional fees.
  • You can press your seams open or to the side, as you choose. We recommend open if you have a lot of points coming together, but to the side if you would like us to stitch in the ditch.
  • Your top should be perfectly square!  Yeah, right.  Good luck with that.  Ours never are either. But do your best. We will not trim your top, only your backing! If your top is not square and there’s not much you can do about it, just be sure you provide plenty of backing fabric…. If you do, it’s all good.
  • Trim off selvages.  If we quilt through them, it can lead to puckering later after you wash it.
  • Pack your top in a plastic bag in case the package should get wet in transit. A flat rate USPS box is about $15, and works well.