Tips and Tutorials Tuesday Linky Party: Blue Line Eraser Review and Giveaway

March 10, 2015


I am writing my first product review this week for our Tips and Tutorials Linky Party! If you have a tip or tutorial today,  be sure to scroll down to the bottom and add your blog link so everyone can check out what you’ve got to share.

The focus of the week is Blue Line Eraser Solution.

You know those water soluble blue pens that are in quilt shops everywhere? They appeal to longarmers, domestic machine quilters, and those who love applique and embroidery too.  Yeah, they’re really great tools, and have made life easier for many sewists.

Blue lines


Until those little blue lines don’t actually go away when you want them to, and then they’re a little less great.  Then they can make you cry.

Enter, Blue Line Eraser. This product can solve any blue-line woes you’ve ever had.

As a longarmer who quilts for others, I often like to mark a quilt top to guide me in the quilting process.  This is especially helpful for crosshatching, feathers, and my new favorite Krista Wither’s style of quilting where you break negative space up into manageable chunks.

But when it’s someone else’s quilt top, nothing is more terrifying than marking it! I mean holy #$%*.  Talk about risk-taking behavior.  That is not something to mess around with.

blue line eraser bottle

I can safely say that Blue Line Eraser has got to be one of my favorite quilting products out there.

I’m writing this review on my own, without receiving any compensation.  However, I did contact Blue Line Eraser and let them know that I would be posting an honest review, and they generously offered to give away their All In Package to one lucky winner and to offer 20% off to my readers (scroll to the bottom to see how to win or use the coupon).

About 6 months ago, after marking up a top with a Clover water soluble pen, and struggling to get the blue lines out with water, I thought I’d give Blue Line Eraser a try.  You can imagine my relief when it worked exactly the way it said it should. I’ve been using it consistently, and it really makes the blue lines from any brand of those water-soluble blue pens disappear.

Here’s a funky practice quilt top I did on some lime ombré fabric after taking Krista Wither’s quilting class.  It required a bit of marking ahead of time to break up the space. Do you see any blue lines peeking out anywhere? Nope! Not one.

ombre wholecloth


Blue Line Eraser is biodegradable, and the thing that I love most about it is that it removes blue lines that have even been pressed with a hot iron. (I may have done this once or twice).

It comes in a spray bottle, which is perfect for large or densely marked spaces. And you can also get a nifty pen that allows you to erase single lines without wetting your whole project. This is great for applique or embroidery too!

Clover also makes an eraser pen.  These work fine for awhile, but I get frustrated that they dry out so quickly.  Why do they make those little caps so easy to lose?? I also find that I have to go over lines a few of times when the pen is drying out, which is quite annoying.

I love that the blue line eraser pen is re-fillable, and comes with a mini funnel to make filling easy.  So no worries about your pen drying out if you use it often.

blue line eraser pen

I wish I could tell you what’s in Blue Line Eraser solution.  I really tried to get it out of Sky, the founder of the company, in my email to her.  Of course, it’s a proprietary formula. And although I’m very curious, I suppose it’s best if it stays proprietary so they can stay in business.


There are two important things to consider when using Blue Line Eraser.

1) You should always test it on your RED fabrics first!

—Now, in the product information, it says you should test it on every fabric.  I will tell you, I’ve used it a ton, on many many different fabrics, and I have not had a problem that I know of with discoloration.   But apparently red fabrics (or fabrics that are shades of red, purple or marsala) are a different animal, and are more likely to discolor with the Blue Line Eraser solution.  So be careful and test first.

I tried to do a highly controlled experiment in my lab for you, so I could show you examples of the discoloration you might expect to see if the product is used on reddish fabric.  But, Blue Line Eraser was not cooperating, and refused to discolor anything.

Here’s my picture of a few fabrics I tried.  The top row is the fabric without any application of Blue Line Eraser.  The bottom row has been soaked in Blue Line Eraser solution and then allowed to dry. You can see there’s no color change.

But still, take care, just in case.

Red fabric blue line eraser test

2) After using Blue Line Eraser, your first washing of the quilt should be with plain tepid water.

–Apparently some detergents can react to residual ink, leaving faint brown lines after washing. This has never happened to me before, and I’m pretty sure I have forgotten to take this step.  But I will certainly be careful from now on. So let’s all be good at following directions, and hold off on the detergent for the first washing.

Of course the Blue Line Eraser company makes a blue marking pen to go with their solution. It’s perfect for light fabrics, and comes in a regular tip and a fine line tip, which allows you to draw your lines more accurately.  They also make a white pen, which works for dark fabrics.  I have not yet used the white pen, but I recently ordered the “All In” package, which includes this pen, and I will let you know how it goes.


Here’s the All In package, available on the Blue Line Eraser site for $25. And guess what, this is what is up- for-grabs for today’s giveaway!

blue line eraser all in package

The All In Blue Line Eraser package includes:

  • 8 oz spray bottle of Blue Line Eraser
  •  1 eraser applicator pen,
  • 1 small funnel to fill the applicator pen,
  • 1 regular blue water soluable marker,
  • 1 fine line blue water soluble marker,
  • 1 white marker

     How to Enter:

If you would like to enter to win the All In package from blue line eraser, you can be eligible for up to 4 entries (you probably know how this goes):

1) Comment and tell me how you follow the blog (email, bloglovin, feedly, or some other way)

2) Hop over to Facebook and like the Blue Line Eraser page (comment that you did).

3) While you’re on Facebook, like our Late Night Quilter Facebook page and comment here.

4) Follow me on Instagram and my blog partner Michelle and comment below to let us know you have.

We will announce the winner here on the blog, in our Late Night Quilter’s Facebook group, and on Instagram next Monday, March 16th.


If after reading the review, you’d like to try any of the Blue Line Eraser products, go to their site and enter the coupon code “LateNight” as you check out, for 20% off any order over $8.50!

And now, linky party friends…. do you have any tips, tutorials or recommendations to share? We’d love to see what you’ve been working on!

I’ll link up to Sew Cute Tuesday,  Fabric Tuesday, and Freemotion by the River.





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