Join Me for Quilting Classes

April 29, 2016

Quilting Classes with Stephanie Palmer

If you live in Central Texas, or think a last minute trip to Texas sounds like fun, come see me at One Quilt Place in Fredericksburg, TX next week (May 5th, 6th and 7th, 2016)!  One Quilt Place is the cutest shop ever, filled to the brim with Texas Hill Country charm.

Hanging out with friends like you, who love quilting as much a I do, is by far the best way to spend three days.  We’ll be working on sit-down and stand-up longarm quilting skills on fantastic Handi Quilter machines, making new friends, and having a fabulous time.

You can call 830-990-4140 for information about pricing or to see which classes have space remaining.  Here’s the class schedule:

Thursday, May 5

9:30 a.m. – 12:30  p.m.                   Free Motion Quilting Fun

1:30 p.m. – 4:30  p.m.                     Sit-down Quilting Boot Camp Basics

Friday, May 6

9:30 a.m. – 12:30  p.m.                   Custom Waves, Circles and Curves

1:30 p.m. – 4:30  p.m.                     You Can Do That on a Longarm?!

Saturday, May 7                              

9:30 a.m. – 12:30  p.m.                   Introduction to the HQ Pro-Stitcher (Computerized Quilting)

1:30 p.m. – 4:30  p.m.                     Moving on with the HQ Pro-Stitcher (Computerized Quilting)


If you like the lovely Chevron Star in the picture at the top, it’s a paper pieced pattern by Lee Heinrich of Freshly Pieced.  You can buy the pattern in her shop HERE.

Hope to see you there!

Late Night Quilter

Tip Tuesday: What in the Galumphing Elephants is a Zirkle?

April 26, 2016

Do you ever feel like you just need a little pick me up some weeks?  A little reward to yourself for your hard work?

I hold firmly to the belief that it’s important to treat ourselves every so often, even when budgets are tight and it seems trivial. Sometimes one little pat on the back, can give you the energy to keep going.

This week I made a little shopping splurge to celebrate how intensely I’ve been working.  I’ve been quilting up a storm, working on developing the 2017 Quilter’s Planner (lots of exciting improvements there), preparing new longarm quilting classes to teach, practicing my domestic, sit-down quilting skills every day, and still finding room to make a little something beautiful each day. I’m proud of these tiny accomplishments, because let’s be honest with ourselves…. it’s hard to keep up with all the responsibilities that clutter our calendars.

So, when I stopped by my local quilt shop, the Cotton Cupboard last week to pick up some fabric, I let myself splurge on this cute Zirkle magnetic pin dish!

The Zirkle Magnetic Pin Dish

Look what it does to my giant, heavy longarm pins!  It fans them out neatly, making them easy to grab (and less likely to poke) when I’m loading my quilts onto the frame.

And the best part about this little miracle? It sticks to the bar of my longarm, so it doesn’t fall to the floor while I’m pinning. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped my pincushion and had to crawl around on my hands and knees hoping I didn’t miss a pin that would later find it’s way into the soft skin of my toddler’s foot.

The Zirkle Magnetic Pin Dish Adheres to my LongArm Bar

This is a splurge I can get behind.  You might be able to find it at your LQS, like I did.  Or if you don’t live close to a quilt shop, you can get it on Amazon in turquoise, black, green, purple or red.

By the way, I’m loving this gorgeous Park Bench quilt I’ve been working on a little at a time, pieced by my friend Judy.  I’m hoping to finish it up tomorrow, and I’ll share the full reveal as soon as I can!

Link Up Your Own Tips and Tutorials:

If you’ve written a tip or tutorial that you’d like to link up this week, you can go to my new Community Quilting Archives at the top of my blog and add your link up there.  It’s not just on Tuesdays anymore!  Your tutorial will  remain there so others can search and enjoy it anytime.

One More Thing:


You still have a few days left to sign up for the 5th annual 2016 New Quilt Bloggers Mentoring Program, which I will co-host again this year with my talented and lovely quilting friends Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs and Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl. The goal of the 2016 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop is to provide advice, tech help, and introduce new quilt bloggers to the online community.

You can sign up to participate HERE. Sign-ups close on Saturday.

Email me if you have questions!

2016 New Quilt Bloggers Participation / Sign Up Criteria

The technical criteria to participate in the 2016 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop is as follows:

  • If you have been blogging mainly about quilting (any kind of quilting!)
  • for about 2 years,
  • writing approximately 4 posts a month,
  • are willing to agree to be actively involved in the blog hop through visiting and commenting on the other blogger’s hop posts,
  • and have or are willing to open a Facebook account to participate in the group discussions.

In case you missed it, please indicate your interest in joining by filling out the registration form.


The 2016 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Program is being sponsored by an awesome selection of companies, and we are excited to be partnered with:
FatQuarterShop-300x300 (2)

Aurifil logo

Hawthorne Threads

Meadowmist Designs

Quilting Jetgirl Pattern Shop Ad

Mini Barn Quilts

Story patches

2017 Quilters Planner

*This post contains an affiliate link. I receive a small compensation if you make a purchase via these links (at no additional cost to you), and it helps me contribute as a working mom in our family.  Thank you for your support!

Fat Quarter Shop’s Sew Sampler Unboxing Video

April 20, 2016


Unboxing the Sew Sampler Box

Want to see what’s inside the April 2016 Sew Sampler by Fat Quarter Shop?


Do not click to watch the video below if you’re still waiting for your April 2016 box to arrive!!!

I don’t know what it is about these mystery boxes that I just cannot resist!  Perhaps it’s not knowing quite when they might arrive…. or the thought of wonderful possibilities that show up on my doorstep. Or maybe it’s simply because these surprise boxes of fun always brighten up a mundane day.

Every time I’ve ordered a box (like Stitch Fix, or my local Farmhouse Delivery box full of fresh veggies) I patiently wait for the day that I’ll find a pretty package at my door and then I tear into it like an eight-year-old on Christmas morning.  Grown-ups deserve a little joy too, right?

The Sew Sampler box by Fat Quarter Shop is quite a deal; Kimberly Jolly and her team curate at least 5 items each month for the surprise sampler, and they always make sure that it’s worth more than the monthly subscription fee .  I am convinced that it’s worth it just so I can have the sweet surprise of getting a treasure chest full of my favorite thing in the world: sewing goodies!

This month, Fat Quarter Shop generously sent me the box (I’m pretty sure they knew that once I experienced the joy of opening it up I’d be hooked for life; and you know what, their right…. I’ll definitely be signing up for the subscription).

Tips and Tutorials Tuesday – The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting

April 19, 2016

I’m so excited that a new book arrived in my mailbox late yesterday. It’s Christa Watson’s new free motion quilting book that she co-authored with Angela Walters, called The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting.

The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting

As quilters, we often talk about building our fabric stash. But to become excellent quilters, we have to collect more than just fabric. Being a quilter means constantly collecting ideas and inspiration for ways we can finish our own quilts.

Thank goodness for Pinterest and google… I love pinning quilting designs to try. (If you’d like to follow my Pinterest boards, click HERE). But I also LOVE collecting versatile quilting books and having them on my shelves.  Online inspiration is great, but there is really no substitute for being able to pull a book off your shelf and hold it in your hands.

Christa mentioned her new book to me last year when we met at Handi Quilter to film an episode of QNN TV.  I immediately got excited, because although I am a stand up longarm quilter, I also want to be proficient at sit-down quilting.  And sometimes I have questions about whether a design may be better achieved on my sit down quilting machine or my stand up longarm.  So I knew that this book would eventually end up on my shelf.

There are patterns for each of the quilts they work on, and a clear step-by step approach for the quilting designs they use. It is fantastic to find a well-written compendium of quilting designs. I love being able to flip through, and find inspirational pictures and how tos for all the most versatile and accessible quilting designs that I use on a day to day basis.  No matter how experienced you are with the art of quilting, it’s helpful to have a library to turn to so that we can battle the blank slates of our quilts.

I have enjoyed leafing through the pages of The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting. Christa and Angela chose to organize the book by each taking the same quilt top and showing how they would each approach the quilting in different ways (Christa on a sit-down machine, and Angela with a stand-up longarm).

FMQ ribbon candy

In fact, after reading through the book last night, I grabbed inspiration from this design that Angela writes about.  And I’m heading upstairs as soon as I hit Publish on this post to go quilt it right now!

Straight Line Arrows

Well, I better go get quilting now.  I’m a bit behind these days.  The kids will be home before I know it, and then all work will come to a screeching halt.

I hope you have a beautiful week filled with creativity and joy!

Quick reminder– if you have tips or tutorials you want to share, go up to the header on my blog and pull down the Tutorial Archives button to add your blog posts there!

Late Night Quilter





*This post contains an affiliate link. I receive a small compensation if you make a purchase via these links (at no additional cost to you), and helps me contribute as a working mom in our family.  Thank you for your support!










Tips and Tutorials Tuesday: Community Quilting Tutorial Archives

April 12, 2016


Hello everyone!  I’ve made an update to my blog that I am so excited about.  I’ve added a community archive for quilting tutorials and tips, so that you can easily scroll through small pictures of the tutorials to find the ones that you’re interested in reading!

If you’re a quilt blogger, you can now add your own quilting tips and tutorial posts to the archive so that readers can easily find your fabulous post, and your blog! Just go to the page header at the top of my blog called “Tutorial Archive“, and you’ll see the drop down list of categories you can use to load up any of your tip and tutorial posts from the past, present or future.

Here are the categories


Binding Tips/Tutorials

Domestic Quilting Tips/Tutorials

Free Quilt Patterns/Tutorials

Free Block Patterns/Tutorials

Free Motion Quilting Tips/Tutorials

Longarm Quilting Tips/Tutorials

Organization and Planning

Quilting Technique Tips/Tutorials (General)

Quilt Blogging Tips/Tutorials

Small Project Tutorials (mug rugs, coaster, placemats)

I hope you find this new link up method helpful, whether you’re a quilter who likes to peruse tutorials, or a blogger who wants to connect with readers out there. I love our quilting community, and I think working together connects and strengthens us.

Late Night Quilter

Tips and Tutorials Tuesday – Free Motion Quilting Practice {The Best Kept Secret}

April 5, 2016

Welcome to Tips and Tutorials Tuesday!  The link ups for wonderful quilting ideas from this week in blogging can be found at the bottom of the post.

Over the next few weeks, I’d like to share some tips with you for free motion quilting practice.  And today’s tip has got to be one of the best kept secrets in the quilting world. Or even if you know about it, most people I teach in quilting classes have never given it a try.

If you want to improve your quilting skills, it’s essential to practice your quilting for 15 minutes a day.  But in order to do that, you always have to be ready to quilt, right? That means having quilt sandwiches made up and sitting next to your machine, or always having something loaded on the longarm. Otherwise, that extra hump of preparing to quilt can really slow you down, or even stop you dead in your tracks.

The second hurdle is to figure out what free motion skill to practice!  There are so many books out there, and so many designs.  It’s quite common to sit down, stare at the unmarked fabric in front of you, and have no idea where to start.

So here’s a small investment you can make to ensure that you’ve always got something ready to quilt, and a clear road map of what you should be practicing for the day.  You can buy pre-printed panels of fabric that have the quilting designs lightly marked on them!  Some wonderful designers have made panels just for us to practice our quilting!  These panels work for both domestic and longarm quilters.

Here are my favorites (*these are not affiliate links and I get no compensation for sharing these…. I just really like them!)  They are available for about $16 per panel at Love To Quilt.


One of the important things to remember is that you can get a lot of bang for your buck if you use a thinner thread when quilting, so you can quilt over and over on the same line (like a 60 weight thread. Superior makes one called Bottom Line that I often use in the bobbin.  But it works great for this kind of practice as a top thread).

Do you need to practice your feathers?  Getting the shape of the plumes just right is often the biggest challenge.  This skill builder panel will help you practice the hump and dip of a plume from every direction, and you don’t have to spend time chalking them in first (or risk practicing on a top that you have spent hours piecing).


The last skill builder panel offers even more design options.  I love this one because it has beautiful spiral squares and chevrons, as well as a baptist fan and some versatile wavy loops.


You can buy workbooks on the same Love to Quilt site to go along with these panels if you’d like a little more guidance.

Leah Day also makes a couple different panels that are wonderful – especially if you like bright colors. They’re a tad more expensive because they’re printed to order at Spoonflower.  Here’s an example of one.


This one is just squares and sashings, with no markings, and would be a great companion for cruising Leah Day’s website to practice different fillers she has invented.


Ok, it’s time to link up! Here you go……

2016 Advice and Tech Help for New Bloggers Program {Sign Ups Are Open!}

April 4, 2016


2016 New Bloggers Blog Hop logo

Today I am very excited to announce the opening of registration for the 5th annual 2016 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop which I will co-host again this year with my talented and lovely quilting friends Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs and Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl. The goal of the 2016 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop is to provide advice, tech help, and introduce new modern quilters to the online community. In fact, it was because we each participated in the 2014 event that Cheryl, Yvonne, and I met.

You can sign up to participate HERE.

2016 New Quilt Bloggers Participation / Sign Up Criteria

The technical criteria to participate in the 2016 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop is as follows:

  • If you have been blogging mainly about modern quilting (modern quilting to you is modern quilting to us.),
  • for less than 2 years,
  • writing at least 4 posts a month,
  • are willing to agree to be actively involved in the blog hop through visiting and commenting on the other blogger’s hop posts,
  • and have or are willing to open a Facebook account to participate in the group discussions.

In case you missed it, please indicate your interest in joining by filling out the registration form.

Additional Details

  1. Note that you will not receive email confirmation until the end of April at the earliest.
  2. We will accept 100 participants for the program this year. The sign up form will be available until April 30th, 2016, or until we reach 100 participants.
  3. Participation in the program and blog hop will consist of a significant time commitment. We believe that the more time you can dedicate to the blog hop, the more you will get out of it.
  4. This program is completely free to qualifying bloggers.

Tentative Schedule
End of April / Early May: Welcome participants via E-mail and get everyone into the Closed Facebook group.
May: Get to know one another through a series of weekly planned prompts through the Facebook group.
May: Optional structured blog critique groups will be conducted.
June: First half (2 weeks) of blog hop.
July: Second half (2 weeks) of blog hop.

Looking for Ways to Participate?

If you are an alumni or blogger who has been active for longer than 2 years, we would love to have you share this information so that as many new bloggers can be exposed to this opportunity as possible. We would also love to grow our list of Advice for New Bloggers posts. If you have previously written something or would like to write a post that we can link to about anything you wish you had known earlier in your blogging adventure, please contact myself, Cheryl, or Stephanie by leaving a comment on either of our blogs or emailing us for further details.

Thank you to our Sponsors!

The 2016 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Program is being sponsored by an awesome selection of companies, and we are excited to be partnered with:
FatQuarterShop-300x300 (2)

Aurifil logo

Hawthorne Threads

Meadowmist DesignsQuilting Jetgirl Pattern Shop Ad

2017 Quilters Planner

Mini Barn Quilts

Story patches

March Madness Palette Contest with Paintbrush Studio Fabrcis

March 31, 2016

Cover Photo for the March Madness Bracket


I have really enjoyed working with Paintbrush Studio Fabrics this past month.  They have just released a new line of solids, and I am in love with the quality: the weight, vibrancy and hand of the fabric is beautiful.

So when they reached out and asked if I wanted to choose a palette of my own for their March Madness competition, I was thrilled!


Pop of Orchid Palette curated by Stephanie Palmer of Late Night Quilter


What is this March Madness competition?  Paintbrush Studio Fabrics has selected 16 bloggers to participate in a little competition on their blog, Inspired By Fabric.  The bloggers will be pitted head to head, just like a true March Madness Basketball bracket, and readers can vote for their favorite palettes until there is one blogger left standing. Today is my day for my palette to appear on the Inspired By Fabric blog for voting.

Orchid Quote

Here are some of the photos I used for inspiration, taken by my dear friend Kitty, who is an amazing quilt and nature photographer.

orchid in nature

Kitty's flower

Pop of Orchid Palette

Here are my eight color choices:

Honeydew (121-072)
Pale Aqua (121-062)
Apple Green (121-076)
Orchid (121-024)
Teal (121- 013)
White (121-000)
Sky (121-020)
Silver (121-010)





Of course, like any good competition, there are prizes involved! The lucky voters will win a fat quarter bundle of 8 fabrics from the winning palette! So please click on the March Madness button below to cast your vote. And if you choose to vote for my palette, please say you’re voting for Stephanie Palmer from Late Night Quilter.  Apparently there are 3 Stephanies competing!



Did you miss any of the blocks from the 2016 New Block Challenge this week? It was also using Paintbrush Studio Fabrics.  If so, take a look at this Pinterest page and hop through all your favorite blocks!

Paintbrush Studio New Block Hop {and Giveaway}

March 30, 2016
Equis Block Cover Photo by Stephanie Palmer at Late Night Quilter


Welcome to the 2016 Paintbrush Studio New Block Blog Hop! Paintbrush Studio generously sponsored this New Block Blog Hop featuring their new line of solids, Painter’s Palette. Paintbrush Studio is also generously sponsoring a half yard giveaway of the fabric bundle put together for the blog hop, so don’t miss out on two different ways to enter to win (details at the bottom of the post).

Here are the participants in the hop today.  They are each sharing a new, gorgeous block tutorial with you.  Please visit them, and pin their blocks for later! And of course, you know that comments make a blogger’s world go round; so please leave them one when you have a moment.

Wednesday, March 30th

Host: Stephanie @Late Night Quilter (that’s me)
Vicki @Orchid Owl Quilts
Shelly @The Carpenter’s Daughter Who Quilts
Amy @13 Spools
Geraldine @Living Water Quilter
Jan @The Colorful Fabriholic
Sharla @Thistle Thicket Studio
Jinger @Trials of a Newbie Quilter
Kathryn @Kupitis
Jane @Jolly and Delilah
Josi @Avocado Quilts
Deanna @Stitches Quilting

Lori @SewPsyched!

Equis Quilt Block Tutorial

Equis Block photo 1

The Equis block finishes at 12″, and is partially paper pieced (the four center squares) and surrounded by strips, making up three borders.  It’s my first paper pieced block I’ve designed! It’s quite simple, which appeals to me. You can click to download the Equis PDF of Paper Piecing Templates.

Take a look below for the full instructions and the PDF with the 2 required paper piecing templates.  If you’re new to paper piecing like I am, you may want to check out some tutorials on the basics.  I love Kitty’s introduction to paper piecing — you can find it by clicking here.

Fabric Requirements

You will need a fat eighth of each of the three colors:

Color Palette for Equis Block








Cutting Instructions

After printing out the paper piecing templates (2 of Template A and 2 of Template B), cut pieces for each section.  Many paper piecers eyeball the sections they cut.  However, this can be frustrating, especially if you’re new to the technique.

TIP: At my paper piecing club at my LQS, I learned that to make sure that you cut your fabric pieces large enough to adequately cover each section of paper, measure the patch, and add a ¾” seam allowances (i.e., a paper section that is 2″ x 4″ would require fabric to be cut to 2 3/4″ x 4 3/4″).  Since I am not an adventurous paper piecer, I actually measure the piece and add 1 1/2″ seam allowance!  This certainly means I waste more fabric, but in my mind, it’s less frustrating than cutting the piece too small and having to pick out stitches.

For the strips surrounding the four paper pieced center blocks:


Border 1

Cut 2 strips 1 1/4″ x 9 3/4″

Cut 2 strips 1 1/4″ x 8 1/4″

Border 3

Cut 2 strips 1 1/2″ x 12 1/2″

Cut 2 strips 1 1/2″ x 11″


Border 2

Cut 2 strips 3/4″ x 11″

Cut 2 strips 3/4″ x 10 1/2″

Piecing Instructions

TIP: Set your machine to 1.5 (18-20 stitches per inch) and use a 90/14 needle to make bigger needle holes, thus making paper removal easier.
  1. Make the 4 paper pieced units (2 of Template A and 2 of Template B).Paper Pieced Equis Blocks by Stephanie Palmer at Late Night Quilter
  2. Remove the paper and sew the 4 units together as shown in the diagram below.

Equis Paper Pieced Block blown Out

I like to glue baste when I have such sharp points coming together (my glue basting tip got stuck, so I used an old needle to apply the glue before pressing and sewing my 1/4″ seam).

Glue Basting

    3.  Attach the top and bottom of the white Border #1; then attach the sides of Border #1.

    4.  Attach the sides of the midnight Border #2; then attach the top and bottom of Border #2.

    5.  Attach the top and bottom of the  white Border # 3; then attach the sides of Border #3.

TIP: I like to cut my strips an inch or so longer and wider than indicated in the instructions and then trim it to size.  Then if I’m a little inaccurate with my 1/4″ seam, I can compensate with my trimming.

 Here is the download for the Equis PDF of Paper Piecing Templates  again, in case you missed it above.

Repeated Equis block

If you thought my block looked a little wrinkly in the first picture, this might explain why — a disheveled, crying, easter-chocolate-eating, sweet-but-demanding toddler attacked me (and the block) right after I had pressed it.  I never did get a chance to press it again. :)

Toddler on Equis Block


All of the quilt blocks featured this week are going to be assembled into quilts and donated to charity. I hope you check out all the creative new block tutorials and enjoy all the inspiration!



Ocean Sunrise Palette

For a chance to win a half yard bundle of the Ocean Sunrise palette, please follow the Inspired by Fabric blog (either by email or blog reader) and let me know how you are following in a comment below. For a second entry, follow Paintbrush Studio on Instagram (@pbstudiofabrics) and let me know in a second comment. The giveaway is open to everyone (international entries welcome), and the giveaway will be open through Friday, April 1st at 11:59 pm EDT when I will use a random number generator to select a winner from the comments. Good luck! Inspired by Fabric is also hosting a *separate* giveaway today, so don’t forget to visit and enter to win there as well!

Tips and Tutorials Tuesday- The Quilter’s Planner Cover Contest {and Day 2 of the 2016 New Block Hop}

March 29, 2016

Welcome to Tips and Tutorials Tuesday (please scroll to the bottom to link up and see all the blogging world has to offer this week)!

My team has put together a spectacular contest this week to honor all the creative Quilter’s Planner covers that people have stitched over the last few months. In order to enter, post a picture of your cover on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #quiltersplannercover and tag us @thequiltersplanner. You have until April 8th, 2016 to enter!

The prize for this contest is awesome!!!!

The winner will win a 2017 Quilter’s Planner Starter Kit, this adorable Liberty of London market bag by Life Wear, this sweet bundle of low value fabric from my stash.  And even better, the winner will get a fresh bouquet of flowers from my cousin’s fabulous flower deliver company that’s taking the country by storm, called Bloom That

Quilter's Planner Cover Contest

If you haven’t made a cover yet, there’s still time!  You can download the free pattern at the Quilter’s Planner website.


Quilter’s Planner Cover by Stephanie Palmer

The second piece of business today is to remind you that today is Day 2 of the 2016 New Block  Challenge sponsored by Paintbrush Studios. Cheryl from Meadowmist Designs is hosting 11 amazing bloggers today.  Altogether, they will show you 12 original quilt blocks, with complete instructions how to make them. It takes so much time and work to write up tutorials, so I am in awe that we have such a wonderful turnout of dedicated bloggers again this year who were excited to participate. Their talent and enthusiasm is phenomenal.


I will share my block tomorrow, and will host 10 more bloggers.  We are all looking forward to sharing our creations with you!

Paintbrush Studio – New Quilt Blocks to Inspire You!

March 28, 2016


It’s Day 1 of the 2016 Paintbrush Studio New Block Blog Hop!  Over the next three days, Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl, Cheryl from Meadowmist Designs and I will host a hop, offering you access to dozens of unique quilt block tutorials, written by fabulous quilt bloggers in our community. So grab a cup of tea, and hop along with us.  You’ll definitely want to pin these blocks for later.

Paintbrush Studio (previously known as Fabri-Quilt) generously sponsored this New Block Blog Hop featuring their new line of solids, Painter’s Palette. They sent me the fabric that I will use to create my block, and I was so happy with the quality.  Here’s a snapshot of their color card – you can see they have a wonderful variety of vibrant colors.

Paintbrush Studios Color Card 2016

Paintbrush Studio is also generously sponsoring a giveaway of a half yard bundle of the Ocean Sunrise Palette put together for the blog hop, so don’t miss out on two different ways to enter to win (details to enter are on Yvonne’s blogpost). That’s a lot of fabric! There will be a winner for each day of the hop.


In other news, thank you so much to all of you who entered my Fat Quarter Shop giveaway for the jelly roll of Hometown Girl! The winner is Celia A., who voted for Tiffany blue as the color for the 2017 Quilter’s Planner.

See you tomorrow for Tips and Tutorials Tuesday, when Meadowmist Designs will be hosting Day 2 of the 2016 New Block Hop.

Tips and Tutorials Tuesday – The Sew Sampler Box

March 22, 2016

Hello everyone!  I’m back from teaching longarming classes in New Hampshire, where I had a wonderful time.  The students were fabulous, and the shop was warm and cozy, despite the sudden drop in temperature and threat of a late winter snow.

Now that I am back home, I want to take a moment today thank one of my favorite companies in the quilting industry, Fat Quarter Shop, for their support of my blog.  I love working with the team at Fat Quarter Shop, and I’m always astounded by their generosity in our quilting community.  They don’t just sell us fabric, they are truly a part of our community. So I greatly appreciate their support, and their overall kindness and desire to bring us all a little happiness through design inspiration and textiles.

Today, Fat Quarter Shop is sponsoring a giveaway here of a Jelly Roll of Pat Sloan’s Hometown Girl fabric line.

Hometown Girl by Pat Sloan for Moda

Screenshot 2016-03-21 22.53.45

To enter, please click on the Rafflecopter prize box below, and answer the question. And if you have a moment on Instagram to follow my new IG account, @thequiltersplanner, I would appreciate it so much.  I’ll be sending updates out soon about new developments in the 2017 planner, and we’ll also be having a BIG contest (I mean BIG) in the next couple of months….. so please give me a follow now so you don’t miss out!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For my tip of the day, I wanted to let you know about Fat Quarter Shop’s latest fun program. The Sew Sampler Box. I can’t resist.  It’s just too much fun.  So I’ve signed up for this monthly treat, and I’ll be giving you a sneak peak here on the blog of my first sampler box. I’m already counting the days, waiting for it to arrive.  Because sometimes I just need a little mail that brings joy, instead of an endless stream of Minute Clinic bills (maybe that’s just at my house).


The way that the Sew Sampler Box works, is that at least 5 specially chosen items like fabric, notions, patterns, thread and anything in between, will be in the box each month.  They’ve also mentioned that we will get sneak peak items and bonus goodies. It sounds like so much fun — I love a good surprise.

And since it’s Tips and Tutorials Tuesday, please feel free to link up your own ideas from the last month.  And I hope you enjoy browsing all the creative, inspirational posts from bloggers in our community!

(*Note: none of the links above are for affiliate items. However, Fat Quarter Shop does sponsor my blog and is providing the fabric for the prize).

Tips and Tutorials Tuesday – Quilting Circles with a Ruler

March 15, 2016

Hello and welcome to Tips and Tutorials Tuesday!  The link for tutorials for the week is at the bottom of the page.

I’ve been working hard to prepare new classes I’ll be teaching around the country on behalf of Handi Quilter this year.  I’ll be traveling to the northeast this week to teach four longarming classes at a quilt shop, and I’m so excited about it! I’ll be teaching a How Do I Quilt It class , a Sit-Down Longarming Bootcamp, a Stand-Up Longarming Bootcamp and a Rulers for the Longarm class.

(In total, there are about 15 longarming classes I’ll be teaching this year, so I’ve been  busily preparing as much as possible this past month).

In the meantime, I’ve been slowly working on quilting a top of my own, that I pieced from a book called Cut and Shuffle Quilts (*not an affiliate link)  by Jan Ochterbeck.  The book demonstrates how to make one simple block, called the Block Mama, and then to cut it up and re-piece it in different ways to achieve different looks.  I hope to finish the quilt tonight so I can show you all the pictures later this week.  But here’s a sneak peak of a little of my quilting on the negative space. I call it Row by Row Quilting.  I love it as a modern approach to quilting because it involves no planning, and you can free-wheel it and decide what you’re in the mood to quilt for each row.

Row by Row Quilting

I used free motion quilting and ruler work.  The rows of circles you see below appear on the quilt every 5 inches or so.  Several people wrote to me on Instagram and asked me how I quilt my circles.

To quilt most of the circles on this quilt, I used the Hand Quilter Mini Circle Ruler (*not an affiliate link).

Mini Circle RulerYou can use this ruler on a sit-down or a stand-up longarm, or on a domestic machine if you have a free-motion foot with 360 degree clearance (Janome and Juki have ruler foot options for their domestics; check with your manufacturer or retailer to see if there is one for your machine). Quilting rulers are different than the rulers we use with our rotary cutters.

Rulers used in the quilting process must be 3/8″ thick to reduce the risk that your hopping foot will hop on top of the ruler. This is a bummer when it happens because you risk putting a ding in your ruler, or worse yet, throwing the timing of your longarm machine off.  But as Kimmy Brunner once told me, there are two kinds of people who use rulers on their longarm: those who have hit their ruler and those who will hit their ruler.  I think I’ve said it before, but quilting is not for wimps, right!?  We’re high-risk, adrenaline junkies, as a rule (ummm, well, maybe not all of us).

Here is a little video demonstrating how to use the Mini Circle Ruler on a sit-down longarm (I have the Sweet Sixteen by Handi Quilter). You can see in the video that the sit-down longarm functions kind of like free-motion quilting on your domestic.  You move the fabric, not the machine.  I am pressing straight down on the ruler against the table, and moving the ruler right along with the fabric.  I have a little grippy tape on the back of the ruler to keep it from sliding.

When using Rulers on your longarm always use a ruler base, which gives you a stable platform to rest your ruler.  You need to make sure you place pressure in three different ways:

  1. Press down onto the ruler, pressing it onto your ruler base (longarm) or table (domestic).
  2. Press the ruler up against the hopping foot (longarm and domestic).
  3. Press your hand that’s guiding the hopping foot toward the ruler.

Do you have a tip or tutorial this week?  Please link it up below!

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Tips and Tutorials Tuesday {Mini Barn Quilts}!

February 23, 2016


Mini Barn Quilts Country Living2

Have you seen these adorable Mini-Barn Quilt Kits yet?  My good friend Terri, from Childlike Fascination came up with this genius idea and has produced these wonderful little kits where you can use your favorite fabrics, add a little modge podge, and you get the cutest results! Her idea is so brilliant, that it will be appearing in Country Living’s General Store section.  How cool is that?  She will be releasing 10 new blocks in 2016!

Here’s Terri’s quick video tutorial to show you how to make your own mini-barn block. There are lots of great tips on her website for putting one together. With a little modge podge and fabric, it’s so easy!

They make the best little gifts (to myself).  Terri currently has six designs to choose from in her shop. I admit, I bought four.  But they are so cute, and so affordable, at $17,  I couldn’t help myself.  They will be the perfect way to use up my tiny scraps from all my favorite fabrics. And they are so easy to make, I can do it with my kids.

Missouri star mini barn quilt assembledHexiflower mini barn quilt assembledArkansas traveler mini barn quilt assembled

Bearpaw mini barn quilt assembledFlock of Swallows mini barn quilt assembledCarpenter star mini barn quilt assembled

I love Terri Ann’s ingenuity and determination to create this DIY artwork for all of us to enjoy. Terri Ann is a busy woman, with a full-time job in the tech world. Like so many of us, she has to squeeze in time to be creative.

I am amazed and proud of what she has accomplished; she and I have spent a lot of time talking about how tough it is – dreaming up the adorable, fun product with mass appeal is just a tiny piece of the uphill battle required to bring your dream to life. But she has proven that it’s possible. We can all do it. All you need is a glimmer of entrepreneurial spirit, and a lot of determination. And the American dream is yours.

Do you have an ingenius tutorial or tip to share with us today?  I hope so!

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Tips and Tutorials Tuesday – A Riot of Color – free pattern

February 16, 2016

Hello everyone!  It’s time for the Tips and Tutorials Link Party! Scroll down below to enter your link and check out the fabulous tutorials from the incredible quilting bloggers in our community.

My blogging friend Leslie, from The Seasoned Homemaker, has been hosting an in-depth discussion with women in our quilting community about finding the time to sew.  It seems like no matter who you are, or what your life circumstances are, it can be tricky to actually find the time to sit down and sew something.

It’s painfully difficult sometimes, especially with four kids and a job.  But I hold strong to the belief that in order to maintain my sanity and a positive outlook on life, it’s essential that I find a way to Make Something Beautiful Each Day.

I sat down with Leslie recently, and we talked about it.  I share my experiences and my struggle to make time to sew on her blog today. If you don’t already follow Leslie’s blog, you should definitely check it out.  It’s polished, beautiful to look at, helpful and inspiring.

Since it’s Tips and Tutorials Tuesday, I also want to highlight a free tutorial written by Kitty at Night Quilter (seems like we’re collaborating a lot lately!)

Riot of Color Pattern Full

This gorgeous pattern is called Riot of Color, is an 11 x 19 1/2 block.   It’s the perfect choice for your Quilter’s Planner cover. It’s a study in the explosive use of color; and other than using for a cover for a journal or your planner, there are a million other uses I can think of too.

It would be an incredible panel for a bag, or it would make for eye-catching placemats, or even a fantastic center for a creative medallion quilt.  The sky is the limit with this one.  Alison Glass provided the inspiration and the palette, Kitty provided the structure, and now you can take it anywhere you can imagine.


Riot of Color pattern for Quilters Planner

You can download free PDFs for Kitty’s Riot of Color pattern, and the Quilter’s Planner Zippy Cover by Amanda Kattner on the Quilter’s Planner site.

And if you choose to sign up for my mailing list there, you’ll get updates about the next version of the Quilter’s Planner, as well as occasional emails with PDFs of the new quilting organizational tools I develop.

I can’t wait to see the other tutorials out in the blogosphere this week!

Late Night Quilter