Tips and Tutorials Tuesday

Tips and Tutorials Tuesday – What is A Fat Quarter? A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

July 28, 2015


Welcome to Tips and Tutorials Tuesday at Late Night Quilter!

Do you remember the first time you heard the words fat quarter?  I recall my Aunt Ginger talking about fat quarters when I visited her during my childhood.  I remember it because it’s the most ridiculous sounding phrase I think I’ve ever heard.  No wonder normal people are totally confused by quilters; we have a secret language that rivals both Klingon and Dothraki.

What images first entered your mind when you heard the words fat quarter?  I bet you have some pretty entertaining answers.

You probably know that a fat quarter is simply a 18 inch  x 22 inch  (50 cm x 56 cm) cut of fabric.  This differs from a regular quarter yard cut, which is 9 inches x 44 inches.

Here’s a simple, pinnable diagram for your reference.

Fat Quarter Diagram:

Quarter yard cuts fat and skinny

Benefits of Fat Quarters:

  • We read a lot about the importance of avoiding cross-grain cuts of fabric, which may cause more stretching and distortion when we piece our quilts. Fat quarters allow us to cut more pieces parallel to the selvage, which is the lengthwise grain.
  • If you have a pattern that calls for a piece that is any larger than 9 inches (22 cm) wide, you’re out of luck if you have a long, narrow quarter yard of fabric. A fat quarter offers the same square inches as the quarter yard cut, but in a form that allows you to slice off a larger chunk when needed.
  • A fat quarter is a nice, manageable size for most home cutting mats; it doesn’t hang over the edge of your table.
  •  If you’re using your favorite Amy Butler large scale print, you’re more likely to get closer to the full repeat with a fat quarter, instead of just a sliver of the print with a long, skinny quarter yard cut.

In your experience, what are some other benefits of buying and using fat quarters?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

Since I’m talking about fat quarters today, I want to point out a few fat quarter friendly links from last week’s Tips and Tutorial’s Tuesday (there were some really amazing tutorials last week so click back and take a look if you missed it).

Leslie, the Seasoned Homemaker linked up a lovely post highlighting 13 Projects to Make With Fat Quarters!  Perfect timing Leslie!  Thank you for linking up with me.

FatQuarter Projects at the Seasoned Homemaker

And Jan, my friend who blogs at The Colorful Fabriholic linked up with a fantastic fat quarter friendly project, her Plus Plus Quilt.  I love the crosshatch quilting and the color palette.  This is one of those quilts that everyone should make at least once in their lives.  Be sure to pin her tutorial for later!

Plus Plus Quilt Colorful Fabriholic

And did you see these adorable fruity coasters by Vicky at Venividivicky?  It’s a free tutorial that is fat quarter friendly!


Okay, it’s time to link up again!  I’ll feature some more of your fabulous projects next week when I show you my favorite method for folding fat quarters.

2015 New Bloggers Hop

Introducing the Fabri-Quilt New Block Hop for 2015

July 27, 2015
Thank you so much for following along with the 2015 New Quilter Bloggers Blog Hop! Yvonne, Cheryl, Terri Ann, and I really appreciate your support!

Before I get to the winners of this week’s giveaway, I would like to announce that the New Quilt Bloggers have teamed up with Fabri-Quilt  and we are excited to bring you the 2015 New Quilt Block Blog Hop at the end of August.  The hop will run from Monday, August 31st through Thursday September 3rd.

Each of 60 bloggers will be presenting a 12 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ (unfinished) quilt block with a tutorial to make the block using the following Watermelon Summer Color Palette including Chartreuse, Turquoise, Coral, Aqua, Lapis Blue, and White from Fabri-Quilt. They really have some beautiful new solid colors this year, and we are excited to have the opportunity to work with them!

And now onto the giveaway winners:
Giveaway Winners Week 4

Thanks again to our generous Week 4 sponsors of the 2015 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop: AurifilThe Fat Quarter ShopMeadow Mist Designs, and Quilting Jetgirl.
Without further ado, the 4 winners are:
Congratulations to our Week 4 Winners!
Below is a recap of all the wonderful posts from Week 4, in case you didn’t have time to check them all out.

Quantum Quilters

Quantum Quilters

Host: Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl
Geraldine @Living Water Quilter (Instagram: @livingwaterquilter)
Andrea @The Sewing Fools (Instagram: @andrealovestosew)
Irene @Patchwork and Pastry
New Bee Button

New Bees

Host: Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs
Kim @Leland Ave Studios
Cassandra @The (not so) Dramatic Life
Colleen @Colleen’s Custom Quilting

Sew Fabulous Hive

Host: Stephanie @Late Night Quilter
Margo@ Shadowlane Quilts and Crafts
Josi@ Avocado Quilts
Deb @ The Farmhouse Quilter

Sewcial Swarm

Host: Terri Ann @Childlike Fascination
Stephanie @Quilt’n Party
Jane @Jolly and Delilah Quilts
Deanna @Stitches Quilting
Kathryn @Upitis Quilts
2015 New Bloggers Hop

Dealing with Procrastination: Finish Up that UFO Today!

July 25, 2015

The Procrastination Blues

I would love to meet the person who can honestly say that she never procrastinates.  Procrastination is an integral part of humanity; it’s the down-side of being a highly evolved creature.

We are programmed to live in the here and now.  We need food now.  We need shelter immediately.

We need to go to the gym….. well, that’s really not an immediate need, is it? It turns out that nature doesn’t always care about our long-term plans to lose 10 lbs or to finish that quilting project on time.

Yes, you heard me.  I am saying that we are biologically programmed to procrastinate.  Don’t you feel better now that I’ve told you it’s not your fault?!

For many of us, quilting is a respite, the thing that we want to do instead of the thing we have to do.  In that case, procrastination is blighted, and has no interest in us.  But what about when we reach that last stage of the quilt… the last few hours of work before it will finally be completed? Or what about the times we have a deadline looming; the project that must be completed in time to give it as a gift, the blog post that has to be written.  I have found that whenever the words have to or must enter into the equation, even if it’s something I typically love, procrastination is there, lurking in the corner, beckoning me.

So what can we do?  How can we fight this illusive beast?

Temptation Bundling

Recent works by Milkman, Minson and Volpp (2013) and Ariely (2015), have shown that a specific type of reward system can be the answer to our procrastination problems. It’s called temptation bundling.  Milkman and her colleagues say that temptation bundling is:

“a method for simultaneously tackling two types of self-control problems by harnessing consumption complementaries.”

What are consumption complementaries?  Essentially you pair a undesirable activity with a pleasurable one.  Let me give you a few examples.

You love a good chick-flick, or worse yet, the guilty pleasure of The Bachelor?  Well, what if you only allow yourself to watch when you’re on the treadmill? Win-Win!

You love a spa pedicure, but feel like you shouldn’t waste time or money on it.  Well, you can get that pedicure if you bring your notepad with you and draft the blog post you’ve been putting off writing. Win-Win!

You crave a Starbucks latte but know you should cut back. Aha! You can only drink a latte while you finish sewing up the project that has been sitting in your UFO pile for months. Win-Win!

Sometimes you have to be creative to come up with two things you can actually do at the same time.   Yet when you do, it really works!  I’m sitting here right now eating Cookie Dough ice cream straight out of the container while I write this post.  If that’s not evidence, I don’t know what is.

Apart from the ice cream, my favorite part of this technique is that it encourages better life-balance. We all need a little more of that.


The 10 Minute Rule

I have one more technique that I personally use every day for fighting procrastination.  It’s my 10 minute rule.  Now, this is not a highly researched theory that I learned about in grad school.  This is just my personal observation.

When I have a long, complex, arduous task ahead of me, one that I know is likely to take several hours, I make a deal with myself.  I only have to do it for 10 minutes.  That’s it!  10 minutes then I’m done!

And typically, an amazing thing happens. Once I start, and see my progress, I usually just want to work on it a little bit longer.  After a few more minutes, I find myself begging my family not to interrupt me until I’m done.

It’s a small mind game, but it works wonders when you need to clean out the mini-van.

For more information on the topic of temptation bundling: (Video featuring Dan Ariely)

Milkman, Minson & Volpp (Nov. 6, 2013). Holding the Hunger Games Hostage at the Gym: An Evaluation of Temptation Bundling. Management Science. Vol. 60 (2), 283-299.




Tips and Tutorials Tuesday

Tips and Tutorials Tuesday

July 21, 2015

There were lots of especially wonderful tutorials that linked to last week’s Tips and Tutorials Tuesday.  I want to highlight a few of my favorites today in case you missed them.

Leslie from Seasoned Homemaker shared a perfectly written tutorial for a zippered box pouch.  I can never have enough of these pouches in my life and my sewing room!  And I love Leslie’s fabric choices and bright, pretty pictures.

Zipper box pouch my seasoned home

Jenn from A Quarter Inch from the Edge linked up a post with the best title ever… The First Cut is the Deepest.  If you’ve read Jenn’s blog before, you’ll know she’s blissfully obsessed with Kona colors.  This time she’s gone completely and brilliantly over the edge and has chopped up all her color cards?  Why??????  Click over and you will see her mad genius at work.

Jenn Quarter Inch from the Edge Colour Card Chop (3)

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl, my co-host from the 2015 New Bloggers Blog Hop (did you enter this week’s contest yet, by the way?), linked up a wonderful tutorial for her Lucent quilt, which was inspired by everyone’s favorite Swoon block.  I can’t believe she gave us the awesome, generous gift of such a thorough, beautifully written tutorial for a whole quilt! You’ve got to Pin this one.  It’s a keeper.

Quilting Jetgirl Lucent Tutorial

And Susan, from Super Mom No Cape, gave a little tip that is such a huge help!  Have you ever had your binding strips end up looking like this, even when you’ve tried to be soooo careful when sewing them together?

Imperfect Binding Strips Susan Super Mom No Cape

Susan has figured out a couple of small adjustments you can easily make that will give you perfectly joined binding strips every time.  Just like this…


Thank you all for linking up last week.  Let’s do it again!  Click on the LinkyTool button below to add any of your little sewing tips or your big, fantastic tutorials.

2015 New Bloggers Hop

Week 4 of the New Bloggers Blog Hop 2015

July 20, 2015

It’s the last week of the 2015 New Bloggers Blog Hop, and that means today I am sharing the last 4 new bloggers in the group with you.  I know you will enjoy the unique voice and perspective each one of these quilters brings to our blogging community.

Button Designed by 2015 New Blogger Deb McGregor

Button Designed by 2015 New Blogger Deb McGregor

The last 4 in my Sew Fabulous Hive are:

I love each and every one of the blogs I’ve introduced to you over the 4 weeks of this blog hop.  It’s been wonderful to get to know these new voices in the quilting community.  And I’ve developed close friendships with the other 3 co-hosts, Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl, Terri Ann @ Childlike Fascination, and Cheryl @ Meadowmist Designs. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to host this year.

If you’re interested in reading some advice on blogging issues, please check out these great new posts:

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to our Advice Post series!  With the help of many bloggers in our quilting world, we’ve pulled together a wonderful little library of ideas that will be referenced by many writers in the future.

New Quilt Bloggers Week 4 Giveaway!

We are so thankful to our generous sponsors of the 2015 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop. This week you can enter to win one of four fabulous prizes:


You can earn up to 6 entries to this giveaway:

Just use the Rafflecopter widget to enter (click on image below to go to the Rafflecopter entry page)! ***Commenting on this post does not make you eligible for the giveaway!***


Giveaway will run from July 20th through June 25th 11:59 pm EST and is open to entrants 18 years or older. Winners will be announced Sunday, July 26th!

For a list of last weeks, winners, please click here.

2015 New Bloggers Hop, Additional Resources

3 Ways to Write Better To Do Lists and Get More Done: Advice Post for the 2015 New Bloggers Blog Hop

July 18, 2015

The Art of the Ultimate To Do List

Do you make To-Do Lists?  I love them.  I affectionately call them TTDs (Things To Do), and they are scattered around my house like autumn leaves on a windy day.

Things To Do: Breathe Research shows that making a To Do List is actually good for your brain.  Many people  feel a great sense of relief simply by writing items on a list – without even crossing  anything off it at all.  (While this may be true, I have been known to add ringers on my  list like brush teeth, put on shoes, or write to do list.  This way I’m guaranteed at least a  pocketful of accomplishment in a day.)

But there are so many ways to screw up a good list.

Do you fill page after page with massive, heart-stopping tasks?  Do you write things  illegibly on tiny scraps of paper that you then proceed to lose? Do you post sticky notes all over the wall, fridge, and computer screen til your world resembles a scene from the movie A Beautiful Mind? Do you attempt to rely  on your smartphone, daydreaming longingly of the tactile satisfaction you experienced a decade ago when you used pen and paper?

There’s another big problem with To Do Lists that bears mentioning. There are times when an uncompleted item on a To Do List can weigh heavily, interfering with the ability to do the other things on the list.

For example, my longarm machine was not working well for me recently and I  needed it tuned up; it was unavailable for an extended period of time.  I  couldn’t finish an important quilt that I knew a customer was waiting to receive. Of course, I had dozens of other projects on my list in addition to that quilt, and the customer was not upset by the delay.  But was I able to do any of the other tasks?  Not a one.  I repeatedly attempted to start other projects, only to find myself distracted and anxious, a fantastically uncomfortable combination of emotions.

That blasted unfinished quilt was all I could think about; and even if there was a legitimate reason keeping me from being able to cross it off my list, it was taking up an immense amount of real estate in my brain.

In doing a little research, I learned that this effect is common and not just a new neurosis dreamed up by my wacky brain.  It’s called the Zeigarnik Effect and it was discovered by a Russian, Jewish female psychologist way back in the 1920s (how cool is that?!?!) .  It turns out that people remember and think about unfinished tasks significantly more than completed ones.

When you cross something off your list, it’s like you’ve released it from your mind, letting it flutter away with a happy flock of other little tasks that made up your day.

flock of birds

So of course, the question is, how do we increase the likelihood that we will complete the tasks we add to our lists? Here are 3 simple ways:

3 Steps to A More Effective To Do List

1) Keeping tasks specific and realistic can be difficult given that most projects require many steps in order to be completed. But if you want your list to be helpful, break your tasks down into bite-sized bits.  Your brain will thank you.

If you are a person who tends to create massive lists with large projects that will take a lot of time to complete (that would be me), keep a master list going. This will be your running list.  Keep it in an easy-to-reach place.  But each day, create a short daily list (3 to 6 tasks), making sure to break those large projects into small, concrete steps.

For some people, this may be a good way to use your handheld device to assist you (my friend Cheryl from MeadowMist Designs recommends an IPhone app called Wunderlist).  This way, you can add to your master list while you’re on the go.  Create a master list on your handheld device, and create your short, realistic daily lists on paper. It’s the best of both worlds.

2) We often procrastinate if we glance at an item on our list, and feel overwhelmed by the enormous, vague threat of it.  Research shows that To Do Lists are infinitely more effective if you assign a time of day and a length of time to a particular task (hmmm… this sounds a lot like the old-fashioned Day-Timers of the past, doesn’t it?)

3) Let’s face it.  Most of us WILL NOT accomplish everything on our list every day.  So quit jerking yourself around. It’s just not feasible.  But we probably can choose 3 very important things that if accomplished, will move our minds and our lives forward, releasing us from the dismal analysis paralysis that so many of us face each day.

I hope this is helpful, dear blogger friends.  Next week I plan to write a post about my favorite methods for avoiding procrastination.  (But I still have at least 6 days to write that, right? wink, nod.)

Tips and Tutorials Tuesday

Tips and Tutorials Tuesday – Sewing Room Set Up for Maximum Efficiency

July 14, 2015

Welcome to Tips and Tutorials Tuesday!  I’m back after an unexpected two week hiatus.  I’ve been traveling with my family, which is no small feat with two eight year olds, a four year old and a two year old.  We’ve been on the move for 12 days so far, and stayed in three different locations.  So the kids are bouncing off the proverbial walls, and my husband and I are struggling to hold onto any semblance of a routine. I hope amid the chaos of overpacked suitcases, misplaced blankies and pacifiers, and new spaces to explore, that we are making priceless memories together.

I also hope that after my two week break there are some bloggers out there who have some fantastic new tutorials and ideas to link up below and share with you!

For my tip today, I’d like to share with you a change I made to my sewing space last year that has made an immense difference in my efficiency and the enjoyment of my work.

If you can see past the clutter in the photo below, you’ll notice that I have three tables set up in a U shape.  I sew to the right on my Janome 1600P, cut in the middle, and press on the left.  My swiveling office chair connects these three integral parts of the quilting process. I never have to get up to move from my cutting table to my sewing machine; and with a smooth, seated pivot, I’m at my pressing station, ready to set a seam.

2015-06-20 00.26.21

My friend Michelle made this change as she shifted my tables around to make room for both of us to sew.  At that moment, I didn’t realize just how much time it would save me every day.

I also like that by pulling out the large cutting table in the back, I can easily move around all sides of the table, which is particularly helpful when I trim and square up large quilts for customers.

I also have a second sewing machine (a Husqvarna) below the table that I keep set up with my walking foot, which I use quite often.  I keep all my large rulers just under the table, leaning against one of the legs.  These are other time saving techniques that I rely upon daily.

While we’re looking at my sewing space, I’ll go ahead and show you my main storage area (not as a tip, but as a no holds barred offering of truth).  I hope to rearrange the contents of my storage shelves within the next couple of months.  Right now, it’s what I lovingly refer to as organized chaos.

2015-06-20 00.27.20

But who am I kidding… imagine how much more efficient I would be if my stash was organized by color, neatly folded in the storage bins, and I knew exactly where each of my notions were the moment I needed them?  sigh. another goal for another day.

I do have one more small tip – in my small closet next to my overstuffed Ikea bookshelf, I use an over-the-door hanging shoe bag for storing some of my tools.  I forgot to snap a picture of it to share, but I will do so another time when I show you more before and after pictures of my sewing room organization project. I hope to add some labels to the individual shoe bags, or switch it out for a clear version so I can see all the goods more easily.

What are your time saving sewing room tips?  Please share them with me so I can make improvements!

If you have your own blog posts about tips or tutorials to share, please click the link below to enter!



2015 New Bloggers Hop

Week 3: The 2015 New Bloggers Blog Hop and Another Fabulous Giveaway to Enter!

July 13, 2015

New Blogger SeriesWelcome back to the 2015 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop -Week 3!  We took a two week break from introducing our readers to new bloggers since so many people travel during the first couple of weeks of July. But we’re back and ready to go, with another round of fabulous new quilting bloggers for you to check out! There’s also another generous giveaway for you all to enter (scroll down to see).

I hope you were able to visit all of our previous bloggers during our break. If you missed them, here are the links to my groups for Week 1 and Week 2.  I am looking forward to getting to know more of the Sew Fabulous Hive (my group of new bloggers) this week, and I hope you have fun following along with me.

Today I am excited to introduce you to:

Julie @ Pink Doxies (click here to follow Julie on Bloglovin)
Carrie W @ The Zen Quilter (click here to follow Carrie on Bloglovin)
Lori @ Sew Psyched (click here to follow Lori on Bloglovin)
Cindy@ Sewing Moxie (click here to follow Cindy on Bloglovin)

I invite you to click and visit their blogs, and leave them a friendly comment to show your love. Bloggers appreciate comments so much; so many of us don’t have friends to sew with and connect to the quilting world virtually. Comments make the online quilting world go round!

We have 4 hosts, Yvonne @ QuiltingJetgirl, Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs, Terri Ann @Childlike Fascination and me, each posting about several new bloggers for you to check out on Mondays over the course of 4 weeks. So after you have had some time to get to know more about the Sew Fabulous Hive, please visit the other hosts to learn more about other new quilt bloggers! It’s a big blog hop, so that also means big giveaways. Scroll down to the bottom to check out this week’s awesome sponsors and big prizes.

2015 New Quilt Bloggers Button (300px)

Also, check out this great new advice post:

Do you have a great advice post that we can link to? Send me an email or leave a comment and we will add you to our resource list!

New Quilt Bloggers Week 3 Giveaway!

We are so thankful to our generous sponsors of the 2015 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop. This week you can enter to win one of four fabulous prizes:



You can earn up to 6 entries to this giveaway:

Just use the Rafflecopter widget to enter (click on image below to go to the Rafflecopter entry page)! ***Commenting on this post does not make you eligible for the giveaway!***


Giveaway will run from July 13th through June 18th 11:59 pm EST and is open to entrants 18 years or older. Winners will be announcedSunday, July 19th!


A post from the Lake {Introducing #SewTake20 – A New Experiment}

July 9, 2015

I am writing today from a little cottage by a small peaceful lake, some might call a pond.  It’s just big enough to kayak from one end to the other without worrying whether I can make it all the way back before my arms turn to jelly.

Sounds relaxing, doesn’t it?  Well, if you’ve read my blog for awhile, you’ll know that my life does not sit neatly on the corner of Relaxation and PeaceAndQuiet.  Ever.  My four children, 8 and under, are an extremely active bunch.  So although I can’t say we are relaxing, we are definitely enjoying ourselves.

It’s a lovely cottage, filled with the things that my parents adore.  Being here with them brings me great joy.

Here is the little desk in the cottage that I wish I could sit at and write for hours a day.  And someday, when the children are older, I will do just that.  There are so many things I want to write. But for now, I will play with them, swim in the icy water, clean up lots of mud, and sneak away for 20 minutes and quickly jot down my thoughts for a brief post.

2012-08-14 10.33.30


In the meantime, speaking of sneaking away for 20 minutes… I have a new project I’m going to be working on, an experiment, if you will, and I would like to share it with you.  In talking to my good friends, Kitty from Night Quilter and Mandy from Mandalei Quilts, I realize that as busy mothers, we all share the same challenges in finding time to work and sew.  Summer welcomes additional demands on our time.  We’ve decided together to begin a testable series of actions, called #SewTake20, and we will blog about the process and results.

We will each take our own personal quilting projects, and divide them into 20 minute increments of sewing time.  Just 20 minutes a day to pull fabrics, or prep, cut or sew.  We’ll each set the timer, focus our minds on the chosen task at hand, eliminate distractions (like social media!) during those minutes, and see what we can accomplish.

Of course, this will be separate from the time I need to spend quilting for customers…. Those obligations will still be fulfilled in the late night hours or the wee hours of the morning, as I always have done.  The time I dedicate to #SewTake20 will be reserved for other projects that I would like to attempt, but have yet to find a way to carve out time in the day. Not necessarily selfish sewing, as that concept has been called by many other bloggers.  It may be for projects that I make for others, or even for deadlines for publication.  But they are projects that for some reason or another have fallen to the bottom of my to-do list, even if my intentions have been otherwise.

I plan to begin the #SewTake20 experiment in late July when I return home.  I will let you know how it goes…

I had originally planned to stick to my blogging schedule this month, and post my Tips and Tutorials Tuesdays as normal while I traveled.  I hadn’t realized how many internet challenges I would have.  So please excuse the disruption in my schedule.  I will return to normal again next week. And my co-hosts for the 2015 New Quilt Bloggers Hop and I will also be posting our last two introductions to groups of new bloggers (and two new contests for prizes) very soon.

I’ll leave you now with some snapshots of the moments that have filled my days over the past two weeks.


2015-07-02 18.15.48

2015-07-04 17.50.31
2015-07-02 18.08.57

2015-07-06 16.35.14-1

2015-07-07 10.09.50


The Kaaterskill Inn, Catskill, NY. A beautiful place owned by my brother in law, Manhattan based-artist, Allen Hirsch.  It's a perfect for weddings, and family events

The Kaaterskill Inn, Catskill, NY. A beautiful place owned by my husband’s step-brother, Manhattan-based artist, Allen Hirsch and his wife, Belkis. It’s perfect for weddings, and family events.  Each room embraces the majesty of the surrounding Catskill mountains, and offers an eclectic mix of Allen’s artwork and antiquities from around the world.

Tips and Tutorials Tuesday

Tips and Tutorials Tuesday – Quarter Square Triangles Tip from Sew Preeti Quilts

June 23, 2015

Welcome to Tips and Tutorials Tuesday!

First, I want to announce the winner of my Fat Quarter Shop Delectable Mountains Giveaway! If you missed that post, and would like to see the new Fat Quarter Shop pattern for Delectable Mountains, you can check it out here.

The winner of four 1/2 yard cuts of Morning Walk by Leah Duncan is Mary Malon!

“June 18, 2015 at 3:56 pm

I followed your link from Crazy Mom Quilts (great blog) and now follow you via email.”

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my Delectable Mountains quilt!

If you missed the 2015 New Bloggers post from Monday, and you’d like to enter our Big Week 2 Giveaway, click here.

My post today is going up a little later than usual, which is a sign that it is clearly summer, and the kids rule the roost at home. There’s much less time for sewing and pattern writing now.  I still try to fit it in at night, but it’s so much harder when the kids stay up later in the summer.  During the days we’re knee deep in trips to to the pool, dress-up parties, nerf-gun wars and lots and lots of messes.

I sat straight up in bed early this morning and realized that for the first time since I started this Tuesday linky party, I had forgotten to write a blog post. Luckily, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about…

Did you happen to see Preeti’s link up to my Tips and Tutorials Tuesday last week?  Last year, Preeti from Sew Preeti Quilts, came up with a new method for making Quarter Square Triangles.  She linked it up again for us last week as a reminder that this cool method is out there in the blogosphere. I know it’s been a year… how did I miss this?!! Glad you linked up Preeti!

This is intriguing to me because I have a pattern to write up that features quarter-square triangles, and I’d love to be able to make 4 at a time.

I tried out the method using some 5″ charm pack squares, and I loved the result.  So fast!!  Thank you Preeti!  You just made my life a lot easier.

Quarter Square Triangle - Super Quick and Easy

Now I can get to work on sewing up and writing the pattern to that quilt I designed… I better get busy.

Do you have a tip or tutorial to link up?  Please click below to enter.  Even old posts are welcome!